This last month of October was a very intense and musical month for me: lots of rehearsals and (finally!) lots of concerts. It could not end but with music.

Also in October, but 2020, I was appointed as a conductor of the Koninklijke Fanfare De Lauwerkrans uit Mopertingen (Belgium). For almost one year, I could say I was conductor of a group I had never conducted. How would they respond? What kind of people were they? What kind of music they liked? What kind of level?

And the answer is: kinda good. laughing

Last Sunday, before October ended, we were supposed to have a “Verbroederingsconcert” with another fanfare but, unfortunately, they had several covid cases so concert had to be cancelled. A bitter reminder that is nightmare is much still going on. It was a pity, since we had worked really hard for it. Luckily, the bestuur reacted very fast, and we played our concert in the church of Mopertingen: in our home, with our people, in our way.

Our concert started with Black Granite III, by James L. Hosay, to which it followed a non-official première of my work Versos al Alba, in its version for fanfare. What a feeling to listen to your own music, and watch the musicians enjoying it!

After that, we played In the bleak mid-winter, by Gustav Holst, Highlights from La La Land, and Etienne Crausaz’s Balkan Dance, a really challenging work. And, of course, a gift: Gallito, the pasodoble. I think it sounds better with fanfare than with band, but for sure it sounded great with these musicians, to which I want to thank every moment we had and every moment to have.