Welcome to my musical corner. A place where you can find all information about my music, arrangements and activity as a conductor. Please, feel free to explore, to listen and to ask (will answer as soon as possible).



Qute time with Q

Last September 2nd I conducted for the last time the Studentorkest QHarmony Nijmegen (The Netherlands). It is a bitter-sweet feeling, since I was appointed as interim-conductor just before the lockdown started. We missed a lot of time together (rehearsals, concerts...

Músics amb Denominació d’Origen

El pasado 4 de septiembre, el Cuarteto Nelken realizó un concierto en la Bodega Pago de Tharsys. Algo dentro del circuito Músics amb Denominació d'Origen. El programa incluyó el estreno de "ANTOÑITO PEREJIL, MÁLAGA", de la suite Beyond the music, en una adaptación...